IoTrimmer Project

This site contains a set of non-required destinations list from 31 consumer IoT devices and the software for producing the list. The list is created using a methodology for determining non-required destinations by automatically executing IoT device functions and determining the execution outcome while blocking selected destinations.


IoT devices offer multiple types of functionality; however, for this list, we select only the main functions for every IoT device under test. However, from preliminary experiments we have seen that most devices use the same destinations for different functions.

The list contains 4 columns:

IoTrimmer and IoTrigger

We release the blocking system (IoTrimmer) that uses the required and non-required destinations list (IoTrim list) to block non-essential traffic.

IoTrigger is the testing system, our method for building the required and non-required destinations list (see the pre-print paper.)


Our team has extensive experience in the area of privacy for Internet of Things (IoT) devices. To date, the software artifacts of our research team have produced reports and datasets that informed additional research, policy debates, and regulators. During the past 2 years, we worked on the problem of modeling and evaluating adaptation strategies based on measurements techniques for IoT devices. All the research experience above resulted in peer-reviewed papers, published in top tier scientific conferences and funded research projects.


About this publication

– Title: Blocking Without Breaking: Identification and Mitigation of Non-Essential IoT Traffic

– Authors: Anna Maria Mandalari (Imperial College London), Daniel J. Dubois (Northeastern University), Roman Kolcun (Imperial College London), Muhammad Talha Paracha (Northeastern University), Hamed Haddadi (Imperial College London), and David Choffnes (Northeastern University)

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– Citation: @inproceedings{mandalari-pets21,

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